FREE to very CHEAP things to do with your kiddos

Hey Guys !!!!! So I am going to share with you 10 free to very cheap things to do with your kiddos. The motivation for this post comes from my own personal life and in this post I am going to get a little personal because I feel like in order for us to relate you have to understand where I come from. Having 2 very Hyper active kids they always want to do something or go somewhere 24 hours a day it feels. I mean literally the second I pick up my son from school he will ask me ” So mom what are we going to do today”. Usually in my head I am telling myself let’s see….. First I have to start dinner then do your homework with you, laundry, clean the house, give baths where is the time ???

Here is where I get a little personal guys! If I can’t do anything with my son on that day I usually feel bad because my work schedule stinks really bad. I normally do not pick him up from school, only once or twice a week on my days off I will because I work the night shift as my husband works the day shift. So I am mostly never home to be with my little angels at night. Which I hate! I get a few hours with my daughter whom is almost 2 and only like an hour and a half with my big boy before I drop him off at school. I feel like I NEVER see my babies( sad face). Also I work straight through the weekend meaning I work every Saturday night as well and sometimes Sundays.

Getting back to the main reason for this post, sorry I feel like i just needed to vent a little 🙂 ! With so little time I can never come up with things to do last minute with the kids that would be fulfilling for them, tire them out, make them happy. To start I did some research on quick and easy things I could do or any mom with or without time can do with their little loves. I am coming from not having any time but like I said these ideas could be for ANYONE!

Believe me sometimes on my days off or the mornings before work I just want to relax, do nothing and  watch reruns. But, when I think of my kiddos and how fast they grow up I forget everything and just want to be with them. Plus I know a time will come when I ask my kids if they want to so something and they will rather be alone or with friends. So I want to soak up all the time I can get.

So with that being said lets jump into the post ( sorry for rambling ) Here are 10 different ideas that are free to very cheap to do with your kiddos. Hope you Enjoy !!!!

1. HOMEMADE LAVA LAMPS very cheap homemade lava lamps

Things you will need:

3 empty water bottles with Lids

Food Coloring

Vegetable Oil

Alka Seltzer

( all of these items can be found at your local Dollar Tree, Walmart or family dollar for very cheap if you do not have these on hand)


Fill each bottle a little more then halfway with the Vegetable Oil

Fill the rest of the bottles up with water, leaving about 1 inch space at the top

Add 10 drops of your favorite food coloring to the water bottle

Break the Alka Seltzer tablet into 4 pieces & drop ONE piece at a time in the bottle

WAIT until the piece fully dissolves before placing another piece. If you put them in to fast it will cause your solution to become cloudy.

WATCH the magic happen

I got this idea from S.L Smith Photography and you can read the full blog post here!

very cheap homemade sidewalk chalk paint

Things you will need:

1/2 CUP of cornstarch

2/3 CUP of water

Food Coloring


Mix water & cornstarch together in a bowl & stir until cornstarch dissolves completely

Divide this mixture into plastic cups or something similar like a muffin pan or painting tray

ADD food coloring to get your desired colors (*TIP- color will dry lighter on the sidewalk so when you reach the color you want, add a few more drops to make sure it stays that color after it drys*)

*Your Kiddos can paint there hands & feet to make prints, This solution washes off VERY EASY

*No skin issues where detected

I got this idea from FUN CHEAP OR FREE and you can read the full blog post by clicking here !

3. GLOW LANTERNSvery cheap glow lanterns

Things you will need:

Mason jars with Lids

Glow Sticks

(all these items can be found at your local dollar tree for very cheap)


Break the glow sticks so that they start to glow

Snap off the top piece and empty the contents in the jar

Place lid on and shake the heck out of the mason jar so the fluid from the glow sticks gets all over the jar

*TIP* adding some water helps to keep the glow

You can also add some glitter inside the jar as well to give it a sparkly glow look

I got this idea from Happily Dwell and you can read the full blog post here !


Summer time for 10 weeks

$1 PER person at Regal Cinemas

Mondays & Tuesday mornings at 10 am

I got this idea from Midget Momma and you can read the full post here !

5. FREE DIY Workshop at HOME DEPOT

Go on the Home Depot website

Click DIY projects & IDEAS


Enter location & it will bring up what they have going on

Home Depot Website here 

6. GEOCACHING  (worlds largest treasure hunt )

Create an account online or through the Geocaching app (from play store) to view a map of geocaches near you

Use app to navigate to a geocache nearby. Bring a pen !!!

Once you find the geocache, sign and date the logbook. Place the geocache back where you found it and log your experience online.

Geocaching website here 



enter your location & it will pull up what skating rink near you accepts the passes and it will tell you the times of the free skating

You will have to register for that location and fill out a form

It does charge you a $4 administration fee per child so for an example I registered my 2 children and it charged me $8 but to be honest I am thinking of taking my daughter off and only registering my son because my daughter is 1 and a half and i don’t think she can skate just yet 🙂

Once registration is validated they will send you the coupons in the email you provided

So some of you might think this is not free because technically you are paying a fee, I guess it looks like it is free because once you get there you just use the coupon but you still kind of paid. That is only for entry, skates fees are still due, food and whatever else you might want still will come out of pocket. But I did do some research and even though you are paying it is still fairly cheaper then a lot of places so I guess that can be the bright side. The BRIGHTEST side will be your children’s SMILES !


Things you need: 

Empty water bottle

Duct Tape  Rainbow Bubble Snake

A sock

Dish Soap

Food Coloring

Optional- Rubber bands

A bowl


Cut the bottom of the water bottle completely off

Pull sock over the bottom of the water bottle

Use duct tape to secure the sock ( any kind will do, the good old silver kind or to make it a little more fun for the kids have them pick out their own kind at the dollar store very cheap for $1, they sell different colors and/or different patterns. A alternative to the duct tape can also be to use rubber bands)

Take a bowl and add some dish soap with a little water and mix gently

If the kids want to make color bubbles then you can add some food coloring to the dish soap mixture or put some drops of food coloring directly onto the sock

Take the water bottle and gently press down the end with the sock into the bowl to get the mixture on the sock ( be mindful that this activity can be messy, but as long as your outside & the kids are having fun WHO CARES RIGHT !!!!)

Gently Blow and TADA !!!!!! you have a rainbow bubble snake !!!!! ( hands clapping )

I got this idea from Housing a Forest and you can read the full post here 


Things you will need: 

Clear vinyl shower curtain liner

Washable NON-TOXIC Dry erase markers

(all these items can be found at your local dollar tree, Walmart or family dollar for very cheap)


Tape all the edges of the shower curtain to your floor and let the kids go crazy

*TIP* depending on the color of your floor ( which I suggest you use a hard floor and not one with a carpet) you can add colored construction paper underneath the curtain so it had a colorful background

Before play put your child in some old clothes if your worried about him/her getting the marker on themselves

Clean-up is a breeze just take a damp towel and the marker should come right off

I got this idea from I Heart arts and Crafts and you can read the full post here


 Rainbow Soap Foam

Things you will need:

2 tbsp of dish soap

1/4 cup of water

Food Coloring

A Mixer

A container


Mix the soap and water together

Add the food coloring of your choice

Mix on the highest possible setting for 1-2 minutes

Scoop it out and put in your container & repeat until you have all the colors you want and the amount of foam you want

I got this idea from Fun at Home with Kids and you can read the full post here 

The good thing about some of these free to very cheap ideas is they can be used outside when the warmer nice sunshine weather is here or on rainy days where we stay inside with our kids, Instead of going crazy not knowing what to do this post can give you guidance. My kids absolutely love anything that we can make and play with. They would rather make something out of craft supplies then go to the store and buy something. Which is fine by me (raising the roof) !!!!! Yes you might not have all the materials you need laying around the house but they are very cheap and will make my kids super happy. I also

I will come up with more things to do with your kiddos for very cheap because lets face it sometimes I sit at home thinking and thinking of what to do and where I do not have to spend loads of money for a few hours of fun. If you have any ideas you would love to share I am all EARS !!!!!!

any questions or thoughts please feel free to contact me @ 


LOVE YOU GUYS <3 <3 <3 




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