10 time saving beauty tips for busy moms

As a mom, we all know that there is never enough hours in the day to get everything done. I remember before I had my children It felt like I had all the time in the world to do things like work and spend hours trying to look amazing! Now with having to work full time, get children ready for school, for bed, homework, do housework, cook and clean, laundry..you get what I am saying. There is never enough time! So I thought why not try and find ways to make our beautiful life a little faster and smoother.


I don’t know about you but when I see a well- put together mother I think to myself I wonder how she does it? I work full time and raise two children who are young and always all over me. Try ing to get ready for work in the bathroom sometimes can be a nightmare. Quick little example…… the other day I was bending over gathering my hair together for a ponytail and when I got up I saw my 19-month-old daughter playing with my foundation stick. Mind you I had just gotten her ready because we were going food shopping and she had it everywhere mouth, clothes in her hair and this only took her a whole 2 mins. So, of course, I had to stop and wash her up and change her clothes.


My point here is if you can relate to me with finding it hard sometimes to fit into your old beauty routine before you had kids or just find it hard to get any kind of ready then keep reading this post. I am bringing to you 10 TIME-SAVING beauty tips for us busy moms

HERE WE GO !!!!!!


spraying a bobby pin with a bottle of hairspray 1.  Spray hairspray on bobby pins before placing them in your hair for a stronger hold. Take your favorite hairspray (honestly I like the good old suave pink can, works great and is cheap as well) and spray a good amount on the bobby pin to where it becomes sticky then place into the hair


2.  Broken nail? no problem …..first apply a basecoat aka a clear one and while it is drying cut a tiny little square piece out of an unused tea bag. Place it on the broken part of the nail then after it dries up file down the teabag so you have a smooth surface o the nail. Then you are all ready to paint. FYI….. I love this one, I think that is such a cool hack!

3. Need some volume in your hair? I got a solution for that too. DRY SHAMPOO. After you have washed and dried your hair flip your head over and spray that head of yours with a bunch of dry shampoo. It will add extra volume and also give it a nice smell. By doing this method you don’t need to do all that harsh teasing with a comb.

4. Brush your teeth in the shower. I have always done this I look at it like killing two birds with 1 stone (as I am writing that, that expression doesn’t sound so nice….killing birds? maybe I should think of another one for next time). Take your toothbrush and toothpaste with you in the shower and you could brush them say when you’re getting the shampoo or conditioner out of your hair or when you’re letting your 3-minute conditioner mask sit in. So literally you are doing two things at once, sounds like time-saving to me.

5. Drying your nail polish taking too long? Try drying them in a minute with ice. Fill a bowl with cold water and add some ice cubes to it. After painting your nails you will want to air dry them for a few minutes first maybe like 2-4 minutes. Then place your hands in the bowl of cold water with ice for 1 minute then remove and BAM your nails are dry.

6. If your running low on foundation and don’t have time to go to the drug store to pick some up that’s okay I have a quick solution for that. You can take your favorite moisturizer and add it to whatever amount of foundation you have left and usplacing a small piece of a teabag on the nail, filing the piece of teabag into the nail so it is flat then applying a clear coat of nail polish to keep in placee that. Not only do you have more foundation but now you have a moisturizing foundation.

7. Chipped Nail? No problem we can cover it with cuteness! is your manicure starting to chip at the top or bottom and don’t have time before work to get them fixed? Just take some glitter nail polish and cover over the chipped part making it look like your nail came that way. Another quick fix is nail decals. Just take any kind of nail decal and place over the part you want to cover and apply a top coat to seal it on. Nail decals work great for covering up just about anything on nails. Now you have beautiful nails in a matter of minutes!


8. No time to shower and shave? that’s okay! Grab either some baby oil or conditioner, a razor, and a towel or facecloth. Pull up right alongside the bathtub, sink or even a bowl of water, whatever your preference may be. Wet whichever leg you are going to be starting with and slather it with either the baby oil or conditioner and start shaving. If you do have a little extra time then I would take the facecloth and soak it in hot water and place over one leg while your shaving the other leg so the heat from the towel will open the hair follicles more making it easier to shave.

9. Apply eyeliner and curl eyelashes all at once! Sound a little crazy? but it actually does work and is very impressive. Take your eyelash curler and your eyeliner and draw all along the top of the lash curler(the part that sits right above your lashes) with the eyeliner. Put a nice coat of eyeliner on it since your not putting it directly onto your eye kind of make sure you smother the eyelash curler. Then curl your eyelashes like normal. Once you remove the eyelash curler you should have perfectly curled eyelashes with a perfect eyeliner line on your top lid. Apply mascara when you’re done. Which brings me to my final tip!

10. No Mess Mascara. Seems like almost every time I try to apply mascara I get it all over my top eyelids. On days I want to wear eyeshadow, getting mascara all over my top eyelids is kind of an issue because trying to take it off without smudging or ruining your eyeshadow is next to impossible. After millions of times ruining my mascara and or eyeshadow I came across these two quick and easy tips. You can use two different things a spoon or a card. The method is basically the same for both you just take the spoon or card and place it directly on your eyelid making sure the edge is right at your eyelash line. Then apply your mascara with the other hand.

So now, if you’re going to mess up the mascara will get on the spoon or the card and not on your eyelid. Pretty cool right?

So there you have it! My 10 TIME-SAVING beauty tips for busy moms. I do hope this helps you in some way. Any little tip or trick that saves me some time is a win. Parenting is the hardest job in the world and it never stops. Us mothers don’t get to clock out and stop parenting for the day but what we can do is find ways that make our days and nights easier.  I would love if you have any feedback on the tips I have provided. If you have tried any of them and if they helped you. If anyone has any more time-saving tips and tricks to add to the list. I love LOVE feedback!!!!!


If there are topics or anything you would love to know please feel free to leave a comment and/or message me at LindsayCalmeira@gmail.com and I will write a post for you!!!!!!!


Love Always Lindsay

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